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FSA targets salt reduction in prepared foods

The UK's food standards agency wants to set UK targets for levels of salt in a wide range of foods following growing concern over salt intake.

Energy drinks rescue Russia's FAB Boom

Energising ingredients and more spending on research and development has turned around the fortunes of flavoured alcoholic beverages in Russia, bringing better opportunities and growth forecasts, writes Chris Mercer.

Functional water struggles to escape niche sectors

Britain and France are leading launches of functional, bottled water in Europe, yet the trend remains in the grip of niche sectors and still below flavour in the R&D priority...

Food formulation to target 'foodie-forties'?

Food makers would be wise to target their marketing campaigns and food formulations at Brits in their forties, claims new research that finds this slice of the population spends nearly...

GI studies inconclusive, says Grain Foods Foundation

A campaign designed to combat the glycaemic index momentum is being launched in the US by the Grain Foods Foundation and public relations firm Mullen, reports Lorraine Heller.

Move over wrinkle creams, anti-ageing foods hit Europe

Foods designed to help slow ageing are exploding onto the European market, with mainstream manufacturers confirming that the trend may be here to stay, reports Dominique Patton.

Oatcake maker expands capacity to meet GI dieters' demand

The success of the GI diet in the UK has triggered soaring demand for oats, pushing the country's leading oatcake maker to add new production capacity, writes Lorraine Heller.

Seniors driving the ready meals market

Food makers designing ready meals would be wise to consider the over fifties, after fresh research reveals they are driving a hefty slice of the market,reports Lindsey Partos.

Skane to develop shiitake-based foods

Innovative Swedish dairy company Skanemejerier has signed an agreement to develop immune-boosting products based on an extract from the shiitake mushroom, reports Dominique Patton.

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Let food be thy medicine

A society that views food as taste-bud entertainment rather than a basic of well-being was always bound to run into health problems. But with obesity now afflicting 300m people, and...

Private label corners real juice trend

Consumers are rapidly falling in love with bona fide, 100 per cent juice across developed markets, yet it is private labels that are reaping the benefits in Western Europe, says...

Health trends drive soy milk craze

Soy milk has been Western Europe's fastest growing 'dairy' sector over the last six years, presenting new challenges to dairy firms via consumer health trends and new fears over lactose...

Brits turn toward premium foods

An increasing British indulgence for premium food, drink and personal care items means manufacturers should concentrate on new product development and marketing the luxurious aspects of products, according to a...

Florida seeks solutions to OJ sales squeeze

The Florida Department of Citrus is concerned that declining orange juice sales across the northeastern United States could mark a deeper trend, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Portion sizes of prepared foods to fight obesity?

Good news for prepared meal manufacturers with a recent study concluding consumption of convenient, nutritious frozen dinners could help dieters control portion size, reports Lindsey Partos.

Food industry must adapt to ethical consumerism

The increase in ethical consumerism means that food makers should seriously consider the commercial implications of eco-labels, though tighter regulation is still needed, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Snack sales eroding on market alternatives

Makers of snacks and crisps need new ways to tempt consumers as competition from alternative healthier snack products start to erode sales in Europe's biggest market, the UK.

Taste and quality usurp low prices as key buying criteria

Taste and quality are more important criteria when buying food than price, claims new research from the UK.

Transparency in organics to support growth

More transparency in the supply chain is required to satisfy consumer curiosity about organic food and maintain demand, say researchers, who claim shoppers are calling for more information about quality,...

Premium chocolate lifts stagnant sales in Europe, new report

Encouraging signs for chocolate makers in Western Europe as a new report suggests sales of chocolate tablets could be picking up after a dip in recent years.

Missed breakfasts and hectic lives drive snacks

A new report from market analyst Datamonitor reveals that UK consumers are continuing to abandon traditional sit down family meals in favour of snacks.

First omega-3 milks in UK target demand for brain food

The first omega-3 milks to hit the UK market will benefit from increasing demand for healthy children's food, following a wave of media reports on research into brain food and...

Ireland to follow neighbours' initiatives against obesity

Ireland is the latest European state to call for new guidelines on food labelling and a ban on vending machines in schools in order to slow down the growing rise...

Strong branding builds up sales for UK dairy

Strong branded milk lines stepping away from generics, and a rise in porridge, tea and coffee consumption are helping to turn around figures for milk use in Britain.

Blueberry boom in Britain driven by health benefits

Sales of blueberries in the UK have rocketed over the last year as consumers seek the health benefits recently linked to the fruit.

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