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Utility key to leverage for food brands?

As food brands wrestle for leading market positions new research suggests the consumer will be tempted by, and differentiate between, brands that add 'utility'.

EU food and drink industry commits to obesity challenge

New voluntary labelling initiatives, a tighter advertising code and increased investment in innovation could be on the way for food manufacturers as the European Commission, along with a dozen stakeholders,...

Burgeoning nutraceutical opportunities to boost cheese sales

A major repositioning of cheese as a nutraceutical food could significantly boost growth in this traditional category, argues a new report.

Sweeteners showing double-digit growth on rising consumer appeal

Strong growth and opportunities for sweetener use in food formulations is assured with fresh figures from the UK finding health concerns are driving nearly one in four consumers to use...

Lack of healthy snacks major barrier to healthy eating in UK

British consumers are increasingly seeking convenient food and drinks that are also healthy but food makers are failing to answer their needs, claims a new report.

Confused Europeans snub nutritional label information

The majority of European consumers appreciate the benefits of eating healthily but remain confused over the terminology used in nutritional labelling, according to a recent report by the European Food...

Flawed study exaggerated US obesity crisis

The US Centre for Disease Control has helped to create a climate of fear by exaggerating America's obesity crisis, claims a consumer and industry group, as one major cereal producer...

Fairtrade Foundation appeals to generous Brits as sales top £140 million

Sales of food and drink products carrying the Fairtrade mark in the UK reached £140 million in 2004, more than 50 per cent more than in the year before, but...

SA targets US wine market, US focuses on Europe

South African winemakers are keen to capitalise on growing interest in their wines from US consumers - and on the predicted growth in the market there. Their US counterparts, meanwhile,...

Food safety to protect against mounting litigation

Despite firm traceability rules and constantly improved food safety systems the threat of litigation hangs in the air for the food industry: in the UK a prepared foods firm faces...

Swiss chocolatiers lose market share to rising foreign imports

The number of imported chocolate products into Switzerland has increased for the fourth year running - but will the EU's looming CAP reforms soon bring this burgeoning trend to an...

PET continues to bite into rivals market share

Non-refillable PET is strengthening its grip on the global beverage packaging market, according to industry analyst Canadean.

Support for French winemakers fails to tackle overproduction issue

The French authorities have come up with a €70 million rescue package for ailing wine producers, but as Kim Hunter Gordon and Chris Jones report, they have once again failed...

Moderation to shape dieters' foods in 2005

The food industry will this year revert to one of the oldest principles in healthy eating - balance - as it seeks to respond to a consumer move away from...

Healthier consumers drinking more fruit juice

Fruit juice sales are soaring in the UK, driven by consumers' perception of the beverage as a healthier alternative to coffee and fizzy drinks, shows a new Mintel report.

Enhanced water - American science, European branding

Sales of oxygen-enriched water have almost quadrupled in Germany since 2002 to 30 million litres. But in the US where it has been available for over a decade longer, growth...

NPD focus for convenience snacks

Britons spends four times as much on snacks as their Spanish counterparts, eating their way through €17.3 billion a year, finds a new report highlighting the ongoing opportunities for players...

Retailer-supplier relations top concern for 2005

Retailer-supplier relations is the biggest concern for European food manufacturers, according to a recently published survey from food business forum CIES.

Parents, not kids, barrier to childhood healthy eating?

Many children know what constitutes a healthy diet but often their parents are uninterested in their eating habits, finds new consumer research.

Irish food sector raises focus on healthy eating

Irish food and drink companies are pooling funds under a new project designed to increase healthy eating in their home market, reports Dominique Patton.

Slow down for chocolate sales in number one EU market

Chocolate consumption in the UK is slowing down as health and diet concerns impact sales, a trend which has created opportunities for major players to roll out sugar free and...

Ireland sets ambitious targets for functional foods industry

Ireland's functional foods industry has been slated for major growth under a government-backed development programme announced last week.

One in five Scottish kids obese, tools needed to fight

Increased awareness and education are vital to combating rising levels of obesity in children, Scotland's health minister warns today.

UK sees sales surge for sugar-free confectionery

The UK confectionery market has seen a burgeoning trend for sugar-free confectionery, bolstered by innovative product launches and continuing consumer demand for healthy products, writes Tom Armitage.

Blended whisky losing out with the Brits

British spirits drinkers are abandoning blended whisky in favour of foreign products such as vodka. A new report from market analysts Datamonitor reveals that although whisky remains the most popular...

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