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Men now spend more on food than women

Marketers would be wise to target the male shopper as new opportunities open up with new research revealing men have overtaken women on food spending.

UK to announce school junk food ban

The UK government will announce plans to ban junk food in the nation's schools, bringing an end to the sale of crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks in school vending machines.

Private labels growth cut into manufacturers' market

Private label food products, especially refrigerated foods, continue to steadily increase their share of the global marketplace, eating into processors' brands according to ACNielsen.

UK food industry cuts salt, fat, sugar content

The UK food and drink industry is winning the battle to make food more nutritional, claims the Food and Drink Federation.

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Food law: friend or foe?

The food industry is in danger of harming itself with its recent lobbying against the further harmonisation and deepening of EU food regulation.

Bangers go upmarket with an ethnic twist

Pork remains the mainstay of the UK sausage, but processors are using other combinations of meat and flavours such as duck, orange, lemongrass to tweak the humble banger for more...

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The science behind food

The words clinical trial or scientifically proven on a label carry huge cachet. But behind the claims of scientific evidence, consumers expect a base level of rigour in ensuring thatfood...

Food makers to cash in on Chinese and Indian food trends

Food makers must leap into ethnic food development to ensure they cash in on the burgeoning European market for packaged ethnic foods predicted to hit €7 billion in Europe by...

Scientists analyse nutrition in beer

Opportunities await for Europe's beer industry to tap into growing consumer health trends as Belgian brewing scientists offer newly developed testing to assess the nutritional quality of beers.

Qmach muscles in on growing need for regulatory compliance

Changes in EU legislation is forcing companies to look at better ways of managing their compliance, quality and food safety activities to avoid the need to comply with unnecessary and...

Premium chocolate demand tracks European tastes

Key to successful premium chocolate product development is an understanding of the varying consumer habits, expectations and behaviour in different countries, according to leading Swiss premium chocolate manufacturer Lindt &...

Weak margins spur protein makers to target functional foods

Growing maturity in western European countries and intensifying competition in the overall European protein ingredients markets is forcing manufacturers to turn to functional foods and sports products in order to...

Glanbia buyout sends Milk Link profits crashing

Milk Link's acquisition of Glanbia Foods has proved a mixed bag for the UK dairy cooperative over the last year - pushing up sales yet slamming profits into the red...

Chr Hansen taps into soaring organic ingredients market

Tapping into lucrative opportunities for the growing organic processed food market, Danish ingredients firm Chr Hansen rolls out a package of flavours, colours and dairy cultures for organic processors.

Mega-trends: convenience food and health to double in ten years

Ten mega trends stretching from age to individualism will determine the success and shape of any new products to hit the market in the near future, claims market analysts Datamonitor.

Chr. Hansen goes organic

Chr. Hansen has developed a range of ingredients to help formulators develop products that fulfill consumers' expanding appetite for organic foods.

UK heads the way in European private label market

The latest survey of the global private label market reveals a €100 billion industry that is increasingly seen as a sign of good quality, good value food products. But it...

Belgian demand for slimming products rising rapidly

Increasing consumer concern with appearance, over the risks of obesity, is boosting sales of slimming products in Belgium, reports Dominique Patton.

Meat and dairy: demand up, supplies tight

The demand outlook for the EU's meat and dairy processors is increasingly positive, but with tight supplies processors will have to increasingly rely on more expensive sources, reports Ahmed ElAmin.

Organic market has not yet reached peak

Organics are bigger now than ever before but the trend is set to get bigger still, according to experts, as institutions such as universities, schools, corporate campuses and even hospitals...

Tate & Lyle targets US ice cream market

Tate & Lyle has launched a new ingredient solution for low- fat, no-sugar- added ice cream for the US market and vowed to continue its ambitious expansion plans.

FSA targets salt reduction in prepared foods

The UK's food standards agency wants to set UK targets for levels of salt in a wide range of foods following growing concern over salt intake.

Energy drinks rescue Russia's FAB Boom

Energising ingredients and more spending on research and development has turned around the fortunes of flavoured alcoholic beverages in Russia, bringing better opportunities and growth forecasts, writes Chris Mercer.

Functional water struggles to escape niche sectors

Britain and France are leading launches of functional, bottled water in Europe, yet the trend remains in the grip of niche sectors and still below flavour in the R&D priority...

Food formulation to target 'foodie-forties'?

Food makers would be wise to target their marketing campaigns and food formulations at Brits in their forties, claims new research that finds this slice of the population spends nearly...

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