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Mintel names top trends for 2007

By James Knowles , 17-Nov-2006

Trend spotters from the Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) have predicted the trends that will hit supermarket shelves in 2007.

"We're talking about trends, not fads here, so we predict that all of these developments will be around for some time to come," said David Jago, director of GNPD custom solutions at Mintel.

Natural products sourced from the Amazon

Mintel predicts an Amazonia movement due to consumer trends towards natural products and exotic ingredients. Exotic fruits such as acai and cupuacu are gaining notoriety for both their anti-aging benefits and through a link to the "super-foods" concept. Following this trend more products such as Monkey acai Brazilian Rainforest Super berry Juice Drink, which includes blended acai berries and red grapes, will appear on UK supermarket shelves.

Cosmetics manufacturers are expected to follow suite and expand on an already widely available range of Natura cosmetics and beauty products which feature ingredients derived from Amazonian natural resources.

Ethical products

Over the next year Mintel predicts that sales of Fair-trade products will rise as customers increasing opt for ethical products. It claims that this will lead to a greater concentration on fresh, seasonal produce.

Refillable packaging

Packaging manufacturers are going to be able to cash in on consumer demand for ethical packaging, says Mintel.

"Manufacturers in diverse product categories are responding with products and packages that are better for the environment, reduce the quantity of materials used and care for ethical and social issues,"said Jago.

Natural cosmetics

Products such as Creme de jour Enrichie, which are not tested on animals, are made with natural ingredients such as manuka honey. These are aimed at customers looking for internal wellness as well as external beauty. Mintel estimates that more of these products will hit the market in 2007.

A return to basics

The market research group predicts that there will be a return to traditional ingredients and simplified packaging, as currently customers are overwhelmed by choice.

Web-based marketing

Companies are expected to join the blogging revolution, reaching out to customers through the web, dropping more traditional methods. They are doing this through increased promotions, on-line sweepstakes, giveaways and other initiatives.

Cosmetic companies target men

Male grooming is a booming market, and firms such as Biotherm have already taken advantage of the more mature market with products such as Biotherm home age fitness night recharge, which claims to regenerate and recharge skin during the night.

Taking advantage of the teen market

Mintel predicts that companies will begin to take advantage of the teen market, as opposed to the heavily targeted younger children markets, in the New Year.

Traditional breakfast alternatives

The breakfast market is dominated by cereal bars, energy drinks, and quick fix products. This however, is set to change Mintel claims.

Mintel is a leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence.

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