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Allied Bakeries invests in ‘healthy white’ bread

1 commentBy Kacey Culliney , 05-Feb-2013
Last updated on 05-Feb-2013 at 12:35 GMT2013-02-05T12:35:35Z

Allied says there are opportunities in the roll segment
Allied says there are opportunities in the roll segment

UK firm Allied Bakeries has launched a high fiber white bread loaf and roll line under its Allinson brand to target huge opportunities in the healthier white segment, its brand manager says.

It has launched a high fiber 800g white bread loaf and high fiber white and whole meal rolls in four packs.

The UK firm has developed the breads using an ultra-fine wheat fiber to increase the fiber content to that of a whole meal product.

Allied Bakeries said the new product development (NPD) was prompted by consumer research that suggested a demand for tasty, healthy family options. It added that rolls have become increasingly popular given the trend of more in-home lunches and evening meals.

Guy Shepherd, category director at Allied Bakeries, said: “The healthier white segment presents a huge opportunity, which is why we’ve invested in not only the brand but developing our NPD. Our research shows that high fiber white is seen as innovative and unique. There currently isn’t anything else like this being produced by any other major branded bread manufacturer.”

“We’ve had positive feedback from consumers who like white bread but who also want the health benefits of whole meal. This loaf is genuinely new and different and will help to attract new buyers to the sector,” Shepherd said.

Marketing push

The NPD will be backed up with a £1m ($1.57m) marketing campaign including its first TV advert in 10 years, a full packaging re-design and refreshed website.

The campaign will promote the ‘wholesome and hearty’ qualities of the range, Allied Bakeries said.

Its packaging redesign uses a bright and colorful design that aims to make the brand stand out from other products on the shelf. The re-design has been rolled out across its entire range.

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Bread Shelf Life Extension

This bread does sound like a good idea. Perhaps folks in the U.S. will like it as well. The marketing limit to bread sales has always been the short shelf life of this product. My company has developed a method for extending the shelf life of bread from a week or two to several months. This means that a bread manufacturer may ship product here from anywhere, I will treat it and then resell under the new extended shelf life. Please contact me if interested. I see this as an invitation for co-development. My apologies to those who view this as advertising.

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Posted by Mike Mychajlonka PhD
05 February 2013 | 21h232013-02-05T21:23:33Z

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