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Bread benefits


A British company claims it is has made the first loaf of bread with added vitamin C, reports C has been used until now as a flour treatment in the baking process but is normally destroyed by heat. The makers of the new loaf, British Bakeries, said it has encapsulated vitamin C so it remains after baking and can be absorbed by the body.

According to the company a single slice of the loaf, called Mother's Pride V-Force, contains 17 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of the vitamin. It also contains calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B complex, said the report.

To back its product, Mother's Pride quoted nutrition expert Dr Margaret Ashwell: "The health benefits of vitamin C are essential for children's growth and development - from aiding iron absorption, acting as an antioxidant, assisting cellular growth, boosting immune systems and maintaining healthy skin.

"While adults may receive enough vitamin C from fruit juices, enriching a good staple food like bread with vitamins is another way to help get their requirements," Dr Ashwell said. Ashwell is former science director at the British Nutrition Foundation and now independent adviser to Britain's Food Standards Agency.

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