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‘Huge variation’ in food hygiene standards

One year on from the horse meat scandal there is a huge variation in the levels of UK food standards in the UK, according to Which?

Tesco, Morrisons and M&S results reveal unhappy Christmas

Leading retailers Tesco, Morrisons and Marks & Spencer (M&S) have all reported sliding sales over the Christmas period, with one retailer accused of delivering “a quite awful trading update”....

Most stocks and gravies miss salt targets

Stock cubes and gravies contain ‘high and unnecessary’ amounts of hidden salt, according to an analysis from Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).

Court overturns Herbalife pyramid case

Supplements giant Herbalife has won an appeal against a verdict back in 2011 which tarred the firm's recruitment and selling structure as a pyramid scheme. 

Scotland abandons responsible food marketing standard

The Scottish government has shelved a standard for responsible food and drink marketing intended to tackle Scotland’s obesity problem, after food industry participants withdrew from discussions.

Supermarkets buy more British pork after horsegate

Supermarkets have boosted their purchases of British-farmed pork, ham and sausages since the horsemeat scandal, reveals new research from the English pig industry levy board BPEX.

Confectioner Cloetta ready to compete in snacks after acquisition

Dry roasted nut maker Alrifai Nutisal has been acquired by Nordic confectionery firm Cloetta.

IFFO welcomes UK retailer support for responsible fish oil sourcing

UK retailers like Morrisons’, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are backing an international ‘responsible’ fish oil certification earned by 100 processing factories in 9 countries and representing 40% of global fish oil...

Swisse Wellness CEO hails ‘game-changing’ deal with PGT Healthcare: ‘It enables us to become that global wellness brand’

Premium products, mega-spend marketing, and global ambitions are driving growth for Swisse Wellness, says its CEO, days after inking a ‘game-changing’ deal with PGT Healthcare giving it access to over...

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Yakult brings probiotic little bottles to Switzerland

Switzerland is the newest market for Japanese probiotic drink leader Yakult, which began selling there last month.

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Tesco hit by tablet findings in ice cream cornets

Tesco has recalled some of its own-brand ice cream cones because pain relief tablets have been found in two cornets.

Impulse buy: Unrealized potential at confectionery-rich checkouts, says Wrigley

A study backed by Wrigley has found that the confectionery-laden checkout zone is one of the highest areas for sales in stores, but is still underexploited by many retailers.

Private labels see more retail shops in packaging

With the development of private labels, retail chains are more involved in the packaging industry, says Marco Pedroni, president, Coop Italia.

Lack of progress on meat and fish waste

There is a ‘great opportunity’ to reduce meat and fish waste in UK households after a report showed no decline over a five year period compared to other sectors.  ...

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Heinz redesigns Hot Sauce packaging

Heinz has changed the packaging on its Hot Sauces brand to reflect a growing trend for spicy food.

Taxing sugary drinks could reduce UK obesity, claim researchers

A 20% tax on sugary soft drinks could reduce the prevalence of obesity in the UK by 1.3%, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.

‘Phenomenal’ European growth in online grocery shopping, says IGD

Internet grocery shopping is growing at a phenomenal rate across Europe and is set to double in several countries over the next five years, according to market research from IGD...

Industry on target to cut food waste

Food and drink manufacturers are meeting waste reduction targets, trade body the Food & Drink Federation (FDF) has claimed after the spotlight turned on retailers this week.

Interactive timeline

Timeline: The horsemeat scandal explained

Following reports this week of further criminal activity in the horsemeat scandal, our timeline maps 'Horsegate' from its beginning in 2012. Hover over the right side of images below to...

Tesco lags rivals in food waste crack down

Tesco has moved to crack down on food waste as it emerged it is lagging behind other grocery retailers in the crucial area of bagged salads, according to its own...

EU highlights top ten foods at risk of fraud

Olive oil, fish and organic foods are at the highest risk of food fraud in Europe, according to a new draft report from the European Union – but meat is...

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C-stores missing out on seasonal chocolate boom, says Mars

Mars Chocolate North America says that convenience stores are failing to achieve sales spikes enjoyed by other trade channels during seasonal periods because they have yet to optimize seasonal merchandising.

Food waste ‘one of the great paradoxes of our times’

The 1.3bn tonnes of food wasted throughout the supply chain each year could feed as many as two billion people without any additional impact on the environment, the Food and...

Dispatches from Europen 20th anniversary in Brussels

Food waste is becoming ‘politically unstable’ in Italy

In the current financial crisis, food waste in Italy “is becoming politically unstable,” according to the country’s environment attaché.

Exclusive interview with Europen chairman in Brussels

Lighter packaging: how much further can we go?

Minimizing packaging waste is a clear goal for Europen’s members and all food processing firms, but shifting attitudes mean weight reduction is only the beginning.

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