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Sainsbury’s adopts heat-sealed flexible lidding for soft fruit


UK retail giant Sainsbury’s has dropped rigid clip-on lids in favour of heat-sealed flexible lidding for its soft fruit packaging

The new packaging, delivered by packaging specialist Amcor Flexibles, is said to cut the packaging weight by up to 87 per cent and so lower transport costs while improving printing. The new lids are available for packages containing strawberries, cherries and plums.

Stuart Lendrum, packaging manager at Sainsbury’s, said: “One of our customers' main environmental concerns is excess packaging. We aim to ensure that packaging amounts and types are appropriate. By replacing the plastic lids on our strawberries with sealed film, we are able to save 333 tonnes of plastic per annum and additionally provide our customers with an easy peel opening solution.”

Flexible film lidding also improves the printability of the lid avoiding the use of labels, said Amcor Flexibles.

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