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EU probiotic and antioxidant health claim ban called “absurd”

EU health claim laws that have banned the use of terms like probiotics and antioxidants because they are deemed to be implied claims, are “absurd”, a pressure group has said.

Global adoption of Shieltron microwave packaging

Global adoption of groundbreaking Shieltron microwave packaging is happening across the course of 2013, according to Shieltronics, the company behind it.

diageo h1 2013 results

Diageo CEO bowled Cuervo ball, but hints at 'exciting' 2013 tequila entry

Diageo CEO Paul Walsh says he was ‘somewhat disappointed’ by the breakdown of talks to acquire the Jose Cuervo tequila brand, but hints his firm may make an ‘organic entry’...

Premium, value or bust, says Rabobank

Confectioners must position themselves in the premium or value segment or face sales meltdown as consumers alter spending habits, according to Rabobank.

Emerging market demand will drive EU dairy exports to 2022 – EC report

Emerging market demand for dairy products is expected to continue to drive European Union (EU) exports and sustain commodity prices in coming years, a European Commission (EC) report has claimed.

ASA rejects Weetos advertising complaints

The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has rejected complaints that Weetos advertisements encourage poor nutritional habits and an unhealthy lifestyle for children.

Coke and Pepsi shifting bottling assets to build brands in 2013: Rabobank analyst

The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo are looking to shift bottling assets onto strong franchise partners in order to refocus in house efforts on brand building and marketing.

South African wine industry figure attacks Guardian editor for ‘shrill shallowness’

An influential South African wine industry figure has attacked UK national newspaper The Guardian for publishing an article carrying union claims that wine farm workers were sacked ‘in truckloads’ after ending strikes...

Euromonitor “shocked” by EU probiotic decline

After years and even decades of healthy to rampant growth in the European Union, the probiotics sector has entered decline, with a flat economy and health claim ban seen as...

Horse meat from Poland didn't come from our site, says ABP Food Group

ABP Food Group has stressed that the horse meat identified in beef burgers, which has been found to come from Poland, did not come from its plant in the country as the...

‘Scrap harmful sugar quota extension plan’: EU soft drinks industry cries

European soft drinks manufacturers have slammed a European Parliament (EP) push to extend sugar quotas within the bloc until 2020, and also insist that a HFCS production cap should be...

PepsiCo outstripping Coke in UK sugar-free cola sales share?

PepsiCo is significantly ahead of Coke in terms of the share of its UK cola sales in low or no calorie versions, the latest figures sent to suggest.

Special edition: Innovations in minerals

Zinc benefitting from EU health claims game

Used in cigarette filters, as a corrosive, pigment and in the manufacture of rubber and concrete, zinc forms like zinc oxide and zinc suphate are also important nutrients for physiological...

‘Morphing’ wine regulations scare Russian importers: Wine Intelligence

Despite signs that the Russian wine market is recovering, market players remain scared by corruption, bureaucracy and shifting regulations.

The trend for flexitarianism: Consumers are reducing meat intakes, say Dutch researchers

For many Dutch consumers reducing the level of meat they consume is becoming normal practice, according to the findings of new research.

News in brief

Selfridges facing court over raw milk vending machines

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has confirmed its intention to prosecute department store Selfridges over its decision to install raw cow milk-dispensing vending machines at stores in 2011.

German confectionery exports sink to seven year low

Germany confectionery exports were at the lowest level since 2005 last year as the market was hit hard by EU sugar shortages, according to the German confectionery Association (BDSI).

Brussels conference blog

Botanical sabbaticals, special cases, and the EU's legal Eldorado

The ongoing imbroglio around botanical health claim regulation in the EU saw no sign of resolution in Brussels yesterday as the EC’s Basil Mathioudakis said any new regulatory framework could...

Industry making progress on public health goals, but more work to do, says UK minister

Industry members signed up to the UK government’s package of responsibility deals are making good progress, but there are far too many firms that are not playing a role, warns...

News in brief

ASA dismisses Kerrygold Irish butter marketing complaint

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has dismissed a complaint that challenged claims that Kerrygold was “pure Irish butter.”

‘Warning’ strikes start, Coca-Cola Germany confirms 450 possible job losses

Coca-Cola Deutschland has confirmed to that up to 450 jobs could be lost in Germany this year, as it faces a ‘warning’ wave of union strikes this week over...

UK bakery ban after ‘blatant disregard for hygiene laws’ is an isolated case, says councilman

The owners of Meads Bakery in the UK have been banned from any future in food after persistent hygiene violations including pest infestations, mold and dead mice but a local...

Mold, expired label dates and rat infestation prompts UK cake recall

A range of cakes and confectionery has been recalled by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) due to mold, expired ‘best before’ dates and contamination due to a rat infestation...

GOED issues mixed review of EU’s omega-3 labelling plans

Mooted labelling changes in the European Union that will place warnings about omega-3 consumption have received a guarded welcome from the global group that represents the sector.

Healthy food enzymes help Novozymes report 2012 growth

Increasing demand for industry to produce healthier foods helped Novozymes to a strong 2012 performance in its food and drink business, however the Danish enzyme specialist says growth was ‘below expectation’.

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