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Juice concentrates show anti-inflammatory potential

Concentrates of fruit and vegetables taken as capsules may reduce levels of markers of inflammation, and potentially reduce the risk of chronic disease, suggests a new study.

British manufacturers unveil energy drink code

The British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) has published a code of practice on energy drinks requiring additional labelling to protect children and other people sensitive to caffeine.

Noni firm wins third EU novel foods approval

The status of the noni plant as a novel food ingredient has been boosted with the manufacturer, Tahitian Noni, last week receiving its third European Union Novel Food approval for...

News in brief

Organic Monitor plans Sustainable Foods Summit

Organic Monitor is hosting a summit on sustainable foods this summer, which will look at ways that market leaders are adopting ‘organic plus strategies’ like carbon offsetting to add value...

British Heart Foundation: Curries contain "frankly outrageous" levels of salt

Indian ready meals and accompaniments sold in UK supermarkets contain “frankly outrageous” levels of salt, according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Tax on chewing gum sought in Ireland

Chewing gum manufacturers should switch to biodegradable alternatives or be subject to a levy in the interim in order to tackle the costly issue of littered chewing gum, claims a...

Snack makers pledge to cut out adverts aimed at children

The European Snacks Association (ESA) is playing up a commitment to help curb obesity in Europe with the announcement that it has joined an EU initiative designed to restrict advertising...


Foods with artificial trans fats should be considered adulterated

There is a pile of evidence linking artificial trans fats with heart disease, so why is it still in our food? It’s time to get real and recognize that artificial...

PepsiCo explores natural sweetener from oats

Patents filed by PepsiCo and Cargill reveal they are exploring new sources of natural sweeteners from oats and monatin, a naturally-occurring substance found in a plant grown in South Africa.

Nestle investigates reports of Russian import refusal

Nestle is investigating reports that the company has been denied permission to import baby food products into Russia from Finland.

Coca-Cola dismisses BPA criticisms as shareholder coalition vows to fight on

Some 22 per cent of Coca-Cola shareholders yesterday voted in favour of a resolution urging the company to disclose how it is responding to public fears over bisphenol A...

EU food exports drop as demand shrinks, says report

European food and drink exports saw a double-digit drop last year, reflecting a shrinking demand for most major food categories in foreign markets, according to a new report.

EFSA lowers ADI for food colour in re-evaluation

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in adoption of opinions on three further food colours used in bakery and confectionery products, has confirmed intake levels for one colour, halved the...

Food leads EU manufacturing industries

The European food and drink industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the bloc, coming ahead of the automobile and chemical industries, but R&D investment remains “insufficient”, according to a...

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Ash cloud halts certain food imports

The grounding of airplanes throughout much of Europe has put the brakes on imports of some fruit and vegetable products, although trade groups and supermarkets are downplaying the impact of...

Beetroot takes on Red Bull with ‘one-shot’ juice

The firm behind heart-friendly beetroot juice Beet It is aiming to complete its first production run of a ‘one-shot’ 70ml version this month to provide a healthy alternative to drinks...


Groundhog Day for European health claims?

“Many in industry are pinning their hopes on EFSA showing them the light at the meeting, including the likes of Danone, which withdrew three probiotic immunity/digestive health article 13.5 claims...

Biofuels to blame for palm oil deforestation, says Nestlé

Political decisions encouraging biofuel production from palm oil is causing deforestation in Indonesia and not the low tonnage sourced by Kit Kat maker Nestlé, according to the chairman of the...

Latest cocoa stats reveal ‘higher than expected’ increase

North American cocoa bean grindings revealed a double-digit growth in the first quarter of 2010, the first gain since 2008, according to the latest statistics released from the National Confectioners Association (NCA).

News in brief

UK food and drink exports surge on back of weak sterling

UK food and drink exports grew by 4.4% to a record £9.65bn in 2009, boosted by the weak pound, according to figures just released by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Danone withdraws marquee probiotic health claims (again)

Almost a year to the day after Danone first withdrew submissions for its best-selling probiotic yoghurts from the European Union health claims system, the French dairy giant has pulled its...

Government finances pose a threat to alcoholic drinks sector

Moody’s has warned that recovery in global beverage volumes could be held back by governments turning to alcohol as a means of raising revenue.

Job cuts threatened at Mars UK production site

In a review of manufacturing operations as part of ongoing initiatives to remain competitive, Mars UK said that there could be potential job losses at its facility in Slough.

Consumers regard sweeteners with suspicion

Many British consumers still regard sweeteners with suspicion, although in practice, very few actively avoid products that contain them, according to research commissioned by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF).

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