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Kraft given November deadline for Cadbury bid

The UK’s Takeover Panel has announced a deadline of November 9 for Kraft to make a bid for Cadbury or to say that it does not intend to make an...

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Cargill and Hojiblanca bottle olive oil together

A new bottling plant in Spain has been inaugurated by JV partners Cargill and Hojiblanca, supplying olive oil for private label.

Guest article

Stevia: Succeeding in an emerging market

A sustainable supply chain, adherence to quality standards and alliances with flavour companies are all keys to success in the increasingly competitive stevia sweeteners market, says Sneha Pasricha of Frost...

Target women with energy drinks, says Mintel

UK consumers view energy drinks as value for money rather than a luxury, with sales for the products expected to soar over the next five years, according to the latest...

France reminds what ‘natural’ means

The French department responsible for tackling fraud has issued a new note setting out how the term ‘natural’ should be used on food products.

Bericap launches new light-weight beverage closure

German beverage closure manufacturer Bericap has added the LinerSeal SuperShorty model to its PCO 1881 light weight neck finish range.


The benefits of a probiotic witch hunt

Get your pitchforks ready! There are evil-doers out there! We’ve been conned: Probiotics don’t work. Dannon’s settling out of court, EFSA’s rejecting health claims, and the media is starting a...

Kraft reportedly prepares hostile bid for Cadbury

Kraft Foods is reportedly preparing a hostile bid for Cadbury three weeks after the confectionery company rejected a £10.2bn ($16.7bn) offering.

Taste tipped to top the agenda at Stevia World Europe

Ahead of the Stevia World Europe conference in Frankfurt in November, business research firm KnowGenix has compiled a report detailing the quality, sustainability and taste issues that stevia still faces.

Soft drinks may raise likelihood of fatty liver disease: Study

People with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease tend to drink larger quantities of soft drinks than those without the disease, according to new research published in the Journal of Hepatology.

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Cadbury boss makes veiled attack on Kraft’s brand of capitalism

Cadbury CEO Todd Stitzer told a fair trade conference in London on Thursday that taking away its “principled capitalism” would destroy Cadbury’s appeal, according to the UK’s Guardian newspaper....

Cadbury tells Kraft to bid or back off

Cadbury has approached the UK’s Takeover Panel, asking it to impose a deadline for Kraft to make an offer.

Global food use of bulk and high intensity sweeteners

Some 70.4 million tonnes of sweeteners were used by the global food and beverage industry in 2008, including sugars. But which sweeteners are most used, in volume terms?

News in brief

High street pizzas found too fatty

A survey from UK consumer watchdog Which? has found that most of the pizzas sold in high street restaurant chains are unhealthy, containing high levels of saturated fat, fat and...

Strain breakthrough points to gluten-free sourdough

German scientists have identified two strains to produce amaranth-based sourdoughs, potentially opening the way towards new gluten-free formulations.

Special edition: Brain health

Supply: The back-end of brain health

In the third article in this brain health series, we break down some of the key ingredients in the sector.

PepsiCo imports fail Chinese quality control

Global drinks giant PepsiCo is one of a number of western companies whose imported food and beverage products have failed Chinese quality inspection tests, reports Shanghai Daily, one of the...

Mutual recognition a must for ‘traditional’ novel foods

The amended novel foods approval must reinforce the principle of mutual recognition between member states if the fast-track process for traditional foods eaten outside the EU is to work, says...

Mediterranean weed offers natural fruit flavours: Study

Extracts from a Mediterranean wild shrub have a fruit-like aroma, which shows their potential to flavour beverages, suggest new findings from Italy.

Eco-friendly packaging cuts paper and energy use

Cap-it packages are an environmentally-friendly and recyclable paperboard alternative to traditional Hi-cone and shrink wrap packaging, claims its maker Graphic Packaging International.


Are health claims curbing freedom of speech?

The US FDA is being sued over its health claims regime – actions that are unlikely to succeed according to most pundits – but they raise serious questions about healthy...

Italian association to boost stevia awareness in Europe

A new association is aiming to promote knowledge and research into stevia sweeteners in Italy and abroad, and is seeking active members and funding.

Euromonitor advises on emerging markets strategy for soft drinks

Euromonitor predicts that Africa and the Middle East present the best opportunities for soft drink manufacturers as global sales growth slows.

Dispatches from Drinktec

Sustainability shines at Beverage Innovation Awards caught up with the hosts of the 2009 Beverage Innovation Awards at Drinktec this week to pick out the highlights and uncover the trends behind the winning entries.

No sign of a baobab boom - yet

Baobab was hailed as this year’s 'hot new superfruit'. So why have no new products containing the fruit have been launched in Europe so far?

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