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How will organic food hold up in the recession?

Market analysis have expressed concern that demand for organic food will shrink in the tight economic situation, as consumers become less willing to part with a premium.


Obesity: A taxing solution

Benjamin Franklin once said that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes, conveniently forgetting the human race’s desire to avoid both inconveniences at any cost.

Video season's greetings from Decision News Media

The Decision News Media team would like to bring you its seasonal greetings in person and show you around the offices.

Ocean Spray builds European presence

€70+m Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group has signed a distribution deal that demonstrates its commitment to educating southern and eastern Europeans about the health benefits of the cranberry and...

Cadbury’s crushes Heroes' white chocolate Dreams

Cadbury has changed the mix of chocolates in its Heroes selection but denies cost-cutting.

News in brief

Allied Bakeries changes omega-3 bread fortification brand

Allied Bakeries has collaborated with Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC) to supply omega-3 fortification in its Kingsmill 50/50 with Omega-3 loaves.

More companies move into stevia market

A flurry of activity has followed the FDA no objection letters for the stevia-derived sweetener, Reb A, to be used in food and beverages as two companies announce self-affirmed GRAS.

InBev upbeat despite losing latest ‘Budweiser’ battle

Anheuser-Busch Inbev, the newly formed brewing power house, insists that a ruling in favour of a Czech Republic-based rival over marketing will not set back its global aims for the...

Campina and Friesland get merger green light

Dairy co-ops Campina and Friesland are to become one at the end of this year, following competition clearance subject to conditions, and a favourable final vote by the councils of...

Girls lick boys on taste sensations: Study

There may be a shred of truth to sisters telling their brothers that they have better taste than them but we’re not talking about fashion or music, according to...

Explosion costs impact on Imperial Sugar’s full year results

The rebuilding of Imperial Sugar’s Port Wentworth refinery following an explosion in February is expected to total $200m-$220m, taking its toll on the company’s full year results, despite stronger sugar...

Food manufacturers mislead parents, claims BHF report

Manufacturers of children’s breakfast cereals and lunchbox snacks have been accused of misleading parents about high levels of salt, sugar and fat in a British Heart Foundation report.

Carbonated drinks braced for ‘economic storm’

While leading soft drink groups continue to pledge a path towards product diversification, the often-criticised carbonated drink will continue to undergo sales growth despite wider economic worries, says a new...


Why is food science the ‘baddie' for consumers?

It sometimes seems as if life is a pantomime, and food science is the baddie, complete with boos and hisses from the audience.

Coca-Cola could launch stevia drink ahead of FDA GRAS

Coca-Cola is expected to launch a drink sweetened with stevia in the US this week, according to reports, but there is still no word from the FDA on GRAS status.

News in brief

Premier Foods in talks with investors to cut debt

Premier Foods has announced that it has held talks with private investors in an effort to shore up its debt and reassure shareholders.

ABF reaches acquisition agreement on Ebro Spanish sugar business

Associated British Foods (ABF) has announced that it has reached an agreement with Ebro Puleva for the acquisition of its Spanish sugar business, Azucarera Ebro, for €385 million.

Euro ‘cow tax’ talk is all hot air – says EDA

Ongoing talks in the US over a potential tax on methane emissions from dairy cows and other livestock farming is unlikely to be rolled-out globally and would not be welcomed...

Emmi gets steamy with new eco-commitments

European processor Emmi has become the latest dairy group to attempt to play up its environmental credentials after announcing a new scheme to make greater use of what it calls...

Processors to bear brunt of supermarket slashing - expert

Beverage and food manufacturers are likely to have to bear the brunt of a price war that is driving leading global retailers to increasingly turn to suppliers of discounted brands,...

Innovation to spur on sports drink demand

Worldwide consumption of sports drink products is expected to grow by a further 33 per cent up to 2012, though further product innovation is required for the industry to meet...

New bid for competitive EU food prices

The European Commission is proposing a package of ways to safeguard affordable food for consumers, including investigation of retailer payment practices, EU-wide price monitoring, and examination of commodity market regulators.

Nut allergy fears becoming hysterical: BMJ

Fears over the dangers of peanut allergy, a potentially deadly allergy for certain people, are becoming sensationalist and hysterical, according to a Harvard professor.

Rival UK bagel companies in price-fixing investigation

Canada Bread has launched an investigation following an allegation that the managing director of its UK-based New York Bagel subsidiary attempted to fix prices in the UK.

News in brief

Walkers crisps contaminated with rubber - again

Walkers Snack Foods has recalled batches of its crisps for the second time this year due to possible contamination with rubber pieces.

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