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2012 Beverage industry retrospective

10 Days that Shook the Beverage World in 2012: Mayan Doomsday Countdown

Relive ten seismic days that shook the earth to its core in 2012, from health campaigners petitioning the UK health ministry over Coke, Pepsi and 4-MEI to Dr Pepper's run...

DSM buys Swedish oat beta-glucan brand

A day after confirming the €500m acquisition of New York-based blends specialist Fortitech, Royal DSM has concluded the year by buying beta-glucan brand Oatwell from Swedish Oat Fiber (SOF).

Heineken ‘disappointed’ by €200m cartel loss in last chance EU saloon

Heineken yesterday lost its final appeal against a European Commission decision to fine it around €200m ($264.7m) for alleged collusion in an illegal Dutch beer cartel, as the European Court...

EFSA on caramel colours: Consumer exposure lower than previously estimated

Consumer exposure to three caramel colours used in a variety of food and drink applications is ‘considerably lower’ than a 2011 scientific opinion published by EFSA suggested, says the Authority.  ...

Heineken, Carlsberg ratings will survive French beer tax: Moody’s Investment Service

Moody’s says it will not downgrade its ratings of Carlsberg and Heineken, despite the potential harm a massive French tax increase in January could pose to national beer sales.

5-minute festive flick

Happy holidays from William Reed Business Media!

The working year is almost done, time to pause from ‘the business’ and embrace the festive season…go on, give it a big hug. Happy holidays!

'Bad science' on soft drinks a fact of life: Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) CEO John Brock has taken a sideswipe at detractors of soft drink ingredients who he claims base negative comments on ‘bad science or no science’.

Lindt and Haribo Gold Teddy row to rumble all the way to German Supreme Court

Lindt and Haribo’s trademark battle over golden bears in Germany will drag on until a Supreme Court decision despite yesterday’s ruling in favour of Haribo, sources told this site....

Carlsberg ‘surprised’ by UK Alcohol Strategy unit price push

Carlsberg says that UK government plans to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol are surprising and will not curb alcohol misuse, especially since the EU suggests such a policy could...

Red Bull welcomes French court action to strike out energy drink tax

Red Bull has welcomed a ruling from France’s highest constitutional court striking-down the government’s plans to tax caffeine and taurine-rich energy drinks from 2013.

News in brief

Cheese recalled due to metal contamination

Two types of cheese have been withdrawn from three UK supermarkets after being found to be contaminated with pieces of metal.

EFSA health claim opinions

Kuntze: EFSA rejects green tea-guarana weight loss claims (and more)

Green tea extracts (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) and guarana do not promote weight loss, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found, amid a fresh batch of article 13.5 health claim...

Italy proposes €500 fines for prohibited health claims: “Cheaper to violate than comply”

As attention turns to the enforcement of the EU’s controversial article 13, general function health claims list after a six month waiting period, an expert on the ground in Italy...

EU health claims: FoodDrinkEurope welcomes “certainty and clarity”

The EU’s biggest food industry group – FoodDrinkEurope – has backed Friday’s enabling of the article 13 list of 222 approved and 1500+ rejected health claims in the European Union’s 27 member states.

European economic woes have led to less ‘real innovation’, says Mintel

Major food and drink brands are producing fewer truly innovative new products as recessionary mindsets and behaviours continue throughout Europe, according to Mintel director of innovation and insight David Jago.

It’s official! There are 222 general function approved health claims in the EU; 1500+ rejected

From today food and supplement products marketed in the EU’s 27 member states must comply with the article 13, permitted list of health claims or face prosecution for misleading marketing.

NI exclusive

Chr Hansen claims long-life probiotic beverage breakthrough

After 20 failed starts, probiotics leader Chr Hansen says it has finally found an ingredient dispensing cap partner that can handle the demands of high speed filling utilised by the...

Special Edition: Fibre

From bakery to beverage: Are ‘high fibre’ claims diversifying?

‘High fibre’ claims are traditionally the realm of bakery products, but has recent growing demand for fibre by consumers resulted in a shift away from bread-based products?

Scientists urge bag-in-box wine fans to 'keep it cool'

Bag-in-box wines are more likely than bottled peers to develop unpleasant flavors, aromas and colors when stored at warm temperatures, according to a new study looking at US Chardonnay.

December 14 EU health claims deadline

Stakeholder vox pop: December 14 EU health claim deadline

With the December 14 enforcement of the EU's article 13 general function health claim list that includes 200+ approved claims and about 1500 rejections just two days away (after a...

EC study: Do retailers’ own brands reduce consumer choice and industry innovation?

The European Commission (EC) has said it intends to conduct a study on whether expanded use of private label food and beverage products has restricted consumer choice and industry innovation.

New EFSA health claims chief: “I prefer pedagogic behavior”; offers 2013 hope

As the formlisation of the main organ (article 13.1 list) of the nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) kicks in this week, Professor Ambroise Martin, the new chair of the...

All in the mind? Meal memories may influence later feelings of satiety

People who believe they have eaten a large meal feel less hungry for hours after the meal, irrespective of the actual amount they consume, say researchers.


Beam Inc. deal more likely after Diageo terminates Cuervo talks: City analyst

A City analyst tells that he believes recent talk of Diageo mounting a $10bn+ takeover of Beam Inc. is more likely now the UK plc. has ended talks with...

Guest article

Eight winners: Are EU diabetes-metabolic syndrome health claims set to explode?

Eight ingredients have won EU health claims that can be used to back messaging around metabolic syndrome – although the take-up to date has been lacklustre, says Euromonitor analyst, Diana Cowland....

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