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40% of Brits ready to try insects: Canadean report

“At the moment, insect-derived products are expensive because the industry is in its infancy. If their popularity becomes more widespread, infrastructure developments would render them more affordable, moving them beyond a treat for the experience-seeker,” said Catherine O’Connor from Canadean.

Canadean asked 2000 UK consumers whether they would be willing to eat on bugs. 803 of them said they would try insects, of which 127 said they would be interested in eating them regularly.

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Additives and carb backlash stumps bread innovation, says Mintel

Packaged bread innovation has been complicated by a consumer backlash on additives and carbohydrates, but manufacturers can still generate interest with healthy, artisan ingredients, says Mintel.

‘There's no other tea to beat PG’: ASA backs Unilever’s PG Tips pyramid bag brag

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected Tetley’s complaint over competitor PG Tips’ advert claim that its pyramid tea bag was more effective in diffusing tea than the round bags used by its rivals.

EFSA accused of "maladministration"; Opinion is "flat out wrong", says ISSN

EFSA lambasted over beta-alanine rejection

EFSA’s rejection of a health claim linking beta-alanine to improved physical performance has provoked outrage, with UK food law consultancy Legal Foods accusing the risk assessment agency of “maladministration of its role” and “a flawed approach to reviewing the data submitted”.

Global Industry News

High-salt diet could double threat of heart disease in people with diabetes: Study from

People with type 2 diabetes who eat a diet high in salt may face twice the risk of developing cardiovascular disease as those who consume less sodium, according to new research.

#AskProfPost: Highlights from FoodNavigator twitter Q&A with lab grown meat pioneer from

On Wednesday 23rd July FoodNavigator hosted a twitter Q&A session with Professor Mark Post, the pioneering researcher behind the first ever lab grown meat. Don't worry if you missed the Q&A, you can read our highligts right here.

Food Safety recall round-up 18-24 July

Recalls: E.coli O126, Salmonella and glass from

This week in the recall round-up gallery the reasons behind food withdrawals takes us to Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Canada and Germany.

Valentis Nanotech coating to replace aluminum foil in flexible packaging from

Valentis Nanotech, part of Trendlines Agtech, has signed an MOU with one of Israel's agricultural thermoplastics applications companies to create improved polymeric films.


Norway issues green tea extract warning

Norway issues green tea extract warning

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) is warning consumers about unspecified, high-dose green tea products (Camellia sinensis)...

Children’s TV promotes bad diets, says study

Children’s TV promotes bad diets, says study

Unhealthy foods are being promoted to children in everyday children’s television programmes, new research published in the...

France considers ‘traffic light’ labelling, UK EU court case

France considers ‘traffic light’ labelling as UK MEP hits back at EU threat of court case

France's health minister has put forward plans for the country’s own ‘traffic light’ nutrition labelling system; meanwhile...

Gluten-free kids food huge opportunity: Mintel

Brands should eye up children’s gluten-free: Mintel

The market for gluten-free children’s food will be a big area for growth, predicts market research firm...

Action on Sugar removes bread from ‘high sugar’ list

Action on Sugar removes bread from high-sugar hit list: 'We acknowledge it was not accurate'

Anti-sugar lobby group Action on Sugar has removed bread from its initial list of products containing ‘large...