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IGD conference: big food retail and manufacturing themes – in Tweets

By Mike Stones , 10-Oct-2012
Last updated on 11-Oct-2012 at 10:46 GMT2012-10-11T10:46:10Z

Hundreds of food and drink industry leaders packed The Lancaster Hotel in London this week for the grocery think-tank IGD annual convention. Thronging the conference hall were some prolific tweeters. Here, we bring you a selection of their best Tweets. To enjoy the full list, visit #igdconv12 .

Rick Pendrous, editor, Food Manufacture: “Sainsbury's Justin King slams government's proposal to exchange worker rights for shares. It betrays trust, he says.”

EvershedsFAD: “Supermarket promotions could lead to ‘shopper confusion’, says IGD.”

JonOlding: “Morrisons’ Hodgson 'Friendly people creating trust is the key to loyalty.'”

Rachelmrbarnes: “I am sitting next to Michael Buerk at dinner tonight.”

RetailAnalysis:“Gill Barr on shopper loyalty: ‘Our best friends are 20 times more profitable than 'mere acquaintances'.”

Brandsarebest: "Over £1M a week being taken on gift cards, Richard Hodgson, Morrisons.”

GreencoreGroup“Thanks to the IGD and speakers for an excellent day. Always a highlight in my calendar.”

JameswaltonIDG: “Philip Clarke [Tesco boss] emphasises the need to not only understand shoppers, but to ANTICIPATE them.”

RetailAnalysis: “Key themes #IGDConv12: loyalty, trust, digital engagement and personalisation.”

JameswaltonIDG: “Amazon is evolving towards a full lifestyle solution, a move that took bricks and mortar retailers 50 years or more.”

IGDShopperNews: “Asda's McKenna discussing the AMP ‘Actual Moment of Purchase’. Opportunity for those who positively disrupt the shopping trip with mobile.”

RetailAnalysis: “Every Asda store manager has iPad enabling them to spend more time on shop floor, saving seven hours/week  McKenna.”

SavyCatherine: “iPads for every gsm [general store manager] at Asda giving seven hours a week back great use of technology in action.”

SavyCatherine: "Judith McKenna @asda delivering compelling thinking on how to deliver sustainable results in a world that is changing at pace.”

SamathaBBmag: “Judith McKenna: ‘We have started to rollout high-speed wifi into stores and it will be available in all stores by Christmas.’”

JameswaltonIDG: “Judith McKenna of Asda thinks that Mums have a lot on their plates. They do, but ... erm ... Dads have to work pretty hard too.”

SainsburysPR“We were the first to introduce MTL [multiple traffic lights] labelling & we're calling for a uniformed approach from the food industry.”

RichardSiddle: “Matt Hill Heinz UK chief − Key for growth is to invest in digital marketing/ social media that gets your brands talked about.”

IGDShopperNews: “44% of delegates, though, believe shopper loyalty will grow over the next five years as companies find better ways to engage.”

SavyCatherine: “Richard Hodgson at Morrisons talking sense about how people make the difference in the battle for shopper loyalty.”

RetailAnalysis: “Being a ‘friend’ in the grocery convenience market means being ‘locally relevant and locally reliable’, says Co-op's Gill Barr.”

Stevesmithsmg: “Shoppers still love branded groceries, research shows.”

Brandsarebest: “Dan Cobley of Google − innovation needs to identify failure quickly and move on.”

SamathaBBmag: “Vote − 55% believe we will see much more innovation in our industry over the next five years, and 35% think a little more.”

JameswaltonIDG: “Matt Hill says shoppers eat from a repertoire of just six receipes per fortnight. Boy, that makes me feel good!”

Brandsarebest: “73% say they will spend more on advertising in next five years .‘Vastly improved understanding on how it works these days,’ says Hodgson.”

Julieaplant: “Heinz challenge brand managers to behave as ceos of their own business.”

IGDShopperNews: “Matt Hill Heinz UK president  'We've raised our spend on digital from 3% to 20% of marketing spend. Prioritising learning not RoI'.”

CorrugatedCPI: “Fascinating insight into the future of retail, of which corrugated will play a big part. Many high profile speakers.”

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